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At Monster, we strive to understand your recruitment needs and deliver
a cost effective solution that will easily take you from requisition to hire. Our products are designed by recruiters, for recruiters.

Monster makes the hiring process easy so you can focus on what you do best – finding your clients the best possible candidates.

With the ability to search Ireland's premier candidate database and post your requisitions in minutes, Monster provides you with the tools you need to manage candidates and post jobs; helping you to recruit the best online talent for your customers.

Monster Job Postings offer a fast and effective way to quickly connect with the right candidates. Filter responses online with Monster’s free hiring tools which help you easily filter and rank responses so that you can focus on the most qualified candidates. Does your client have a must-have requirement? Add screening questions to pre-qualify candidates and save time. For International requisitions you can buy and post your jobs globally through one account. Monster has a physical presence in 26 countries in all corners of the world and an International Search that helps you connect with candidates wherever the skills base lies.

Monster's CV Database grows by thousands every day. In fact, Monster has more qualified candidates across location, occupation and skill level than any other career site. Additionally, our advanced CV search tools allow you to fine-tune your search so the people you contact are pre-qualified before you interview. Our innovative Candidate Management system allows you to easily store interesting candidates to be sourced at a later date.

Online Account Management Monster offers you the ability to manage your Monster account online, handing you the control to set up your own accounts and manage your own recruitment agents.

Monster delivers unique business tools that help you manage your sourcing process more efficiently.

Standard Job Postings

Purchase National or International postings to target the talent you need.

CV Search

Harness the power of the world’s largest candidate database and source your candidates, locally, nationally or internationally


Monster has a new generation of media solutions to help you and your clients boost brand awareness. These solutions are ideal for both hard to fill roles where a specific audience is needed and catch-all roles where the skills base is large


Use this opt-in targeted email product to quickly reach active and passive candidates and increase traffic to your job postings. Target by industry & location, desired education level and career level.

Talent Management Suite (TMS)

Monster's Talent Management Suite (TMS) is a comprehensive set of tools designed to accommodate the talent acquisition and talent management needs of any business. Whether you're a small business or a global enterprise, and whether you are looking for Career Site Hosting, Applicant Tracking or advanced Talent Management tools, Monster TMS is the right solution for you.

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