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  • Visibility Post: Best for easy to fill jobs such as sales and administrative positions. Your job advertised on Monster for 30-days including your company logo and a bold job title in the job search results.
  • Premium Job Ad 30 & 60: Monster's new Premium Job Ad 30 and 60 days not only posts on, but also targets relevant passive candidates across Twitter, Facebook and Instagram and across 100s of other targeted websites. It also includes visibility options such as auto-refresh, logos on job ad and on job search result page.

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You have 12 months to post your jobs

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Looking for specific qualifications such as work authorisation, minimum work experience, education level or commute distance? Once applications start to come in, you can filter on these criteria to see only candidates who meet your requirements, making it easy to organise and rank CVs online.

Superior Candidate Management Tools

View the status of your active job postings on your Monster homepage. You'll see how many job seekers are viewing and applying to your job. Use the Manage Job Postings page to easily renew or take down your job postings.

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  • Please note: Each job credit allows you to advertise your job in one location and one category only. Advertising your job in additional locations or categories will result in additional costs.

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