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Easy to follow guides and training courses that will help you get the most out of your Monster experience.

Training Module Managing Account Settings

Make any change or alteration to your account that you see fit. Make one or multiple changes with the ability to save your choices and then return to them later.

Training Module Job Ad Smart Practices

There are a lot of job ads out there – make sure yours are seen first. Try these search engine optimiztion tips to pull ahead of your competition in search results

Article Third Party CVs

Third Party CVs are CVs not posted by a Job Seeker themselves and result in a violation of Monster's terms of use. Please read to see how these CVs are addressed by Monster

Training Module Creating Letters

Automatically thank candidates for applying to a job, schedule an interview with a candidate or follow-up with an interview.

Article ID Theft Awareness

Millions of Internet users have their identities stolen each year. Perhaps you or someone you know has fallen victim to what has become one of the UK's fastest-growing crimes.

Training Module Managing Letters

Manage the letters you have created in a concise and efficient manner.

Article Safe Internet Use

Every Internet site in the world is facing the growing issue of fraudulent usage of information, and we want to work with users around the world to stop this practice.

Article An Important Message

As is the case with many companies that maintain large databases of information, Monster is the target of illegal attempts to access and extract information from its database.

Article Avoiding Fraud

Protecting our users from malicious activity is one of Monster's top priorities. Regrettably, opportunistic criminals are increasingly using the Internet for illegitimate purposes.